… and you value high quality, professionalism and effectiveness?

At the same time authenticity, honesty and humanity are important to you?

Solutions and concepts should bring effective, tangible results and added value?

Your are looking for inspirations paired with pragmatism, seriousness and joy?

Future-oriented, state-of-the-art solutions based on a global mindset are important?

Individual and tailor-made concepts are a must?

Then we should talk to each other! 


“Judith Kastner knows and masters the HR cycle in all its facets. She has experienced HR in different cultures and in different set-ups (corporate group, self-employment) as well as functions. She is a mature and strong personality and HR expert.

Judith is a quick learner and therefore knows how to grasp problems and obstacles immediately, how to get to the point fast and to work on an adequate solutions. This means that she can subsequently “customize” the implementation and knows how to react to customer requests.

Judith does not take the easy path, accepts challenges and works with full commitment to achieve her goals, while  pushing her own limits. She doesn’t give up until she feels that she has made a difference for the better.

A particular strength is her conceptual ability, to provide a practicable and realistic basis for decision-making, based on detailed research, comprehensive analysis and the conclusions derived therefrom.

Judith is not afraid to take on leadership, to give feedback fairly and at eye level and to leave others room for their own development and their own ideas. She challenges and encourages herself and others to raise the bar every day. For her, it’s not about image or profiling, but about making a difference and having impact for the common good.

Based on her own experiences, successes,  setbacks and a lot of self-reflection, self-development and treading many different paths, she can guide other people with her empathy.”

Martha Lechner, National Manager HR AT and Balkans, REHAU

“I wanted development as an entrepreneur – now it’s here! After an “exploratory talk” with Judith Kastner, it was clear to me that I would choose the variant of long-term business coaching. As an EPU, I’ve seen rapid positive changes. Within weeks I’ve achieved goals that I mistakenly believed were still in the distant future.
Coaching with Judith Kastner is refreshingly pragmatic. I was deeply impressed by the way she transferred the theory to my daily “bread” – visions that were born were given a name at the same moment and a date in my calendar. My new business plan has brought about the greatest changes that can be measured financially – spaces of opportunity have opened up that were previously not visible.

The intensive support has a wonderful effect in all areas of my life. My customers benefit from this quite specifically – I notice it in the feedback – and last but not least, my two teenagers too. I’m very enthusiastic and much more grateful for our new quality of life! “
Michaela Prem, Entrepreneur • Creative Director

“With the Corona crisis came also a life crisis –

“How should I manage all of this?” “Is that the meaning of my life?”

Just to name a few questions I asked myself. A challenging job (in the home office) with 2 small children (4 and 6 years old), the loving, caring partner and the daily household – I was trapped in my own life. And it was precisely at this point in time that I met Judith Kastner. She brought energy and lightness back into my life and opened up new perspectives and opportunities.

With targeted coaching units, we found the crux of the matter in a very short time and in just as short a time she accompanied me back to myself – with clarity, empathy and competence.

My life has never been happier, more worth living and easier. I thank Judith from the bottom of my heart.” 

Kerstin Goertz, International Product Management, HiPP Austria